7 Chakra Alignment Bath Bombs
7 Chakra Alignment Bath Bombs
7 Chakra Alignment Bath Bombs
7 Chakra Alignment Bath Bombs
7 Chakra Alignment Bath Bombs
7 Chakra Alignment Bath Bombs
7 Chakra Alignment Bath Bombs
7 Chakra Alignment Bath Bombs

7 Chakra Alignment Bath Bombs

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Each of the chakra bath bombs were made to reflect the chakra allignment stones. Now you can unwind and align all at the same time. Each Color is scented in essential oils meant for that specific chakra. Below are all the listed chakras, some general information and scents. 

1. Root Chakra: Primal Existence

  • Location: The base of the spine
  • Color: Red - Scented in Patchouli essential oil. 
  • Representation: Primal existence and survival instincts
  • When Blocked: Manifests as low sex drive, paranoia, fear, and insecurity.
  • When Balanced: Leads to feeling grounded, or steady on our foundation.
  • Care: Eat plenty of red fruits and vegetables like tomatoes, apples, strawberries and watermelon. Also, spend time in nature. Forests, the ocean, and rock formations will ground you and activate this chakra.

2. Sacral Chakra: Sexuality

  • Location: Just below the navel
  • Color: Orange - Lemongrass and Orange Essential oil. 
  • Representation: Sexual energy, creativity, and sincerity
  • When Blocked: Manifests as sexual guilt, extreme lust, and emotional problems.
  • When Too Open: Manifests in excessive behavior and sexual addiction.
  • When Balanced: Leads to feeling connections with others, and to accepting new experiences.
  • Care: Eat plenty of juicy oranges, melons, avocados, carrots, and anything orange and healthy. Respect your sacral chakra by choosing healthy sexual activity and doing something creative to express yourself; this will leave you feeling more satisfied in your relationships.

3. Solar Plexus Chakra: Freedom of Will 

  • Location: Behind the solar plexus
  • Color: Yellow - Scented in Rosemary and Grapefruit essential oil. 
  • Representation: Willpower, determination, and purpose
  • When Blocked: Manifests as being overly emotional, fearing being alone, and being in love with falling in love.
  • When Too Open: Manifests as addictive behavior and judgmentalness
  • When Balanced: Leads to feeling confident in control of your life
  • Care: Eat foods like bananas, mangoes, lemons, and other brightly colored fruits and veggies. Make sure you are getting “solar” energy by getting healthy amounts of sunshine. Your hair and skin will brighten and you’ll feel great and full of energy.

4. Heart Chakra: Love and Balance

  • Location: In the breast area
  • Color: Green - scented in Pine, Cedar and Eucalyptus essential oil. 
  • Representation: Ability to love and show compassion
  • When Blocked: Manifests in heart problems or even a bad immune system; fear, self-pity, and a feeling of being unworthy
  • When Too Opened: Manifests in possessiveness, loving too easily, or over-sacrificing yourself
  • When Balanced: Opens your heart to love
  • Care: Eat greens and leafy foods to boost your heart chakra, and spend time in green nature like meadows, forests, and even golf courses.

5. Throat Chakra: Expression and Impression

  • Location: In the throat
  • Color: Blue - scented in Eucalyptus ad Peppermint essential oil. 
  • Representation: Expression and communication
  • When Blocked: Manifests in physical problems like sore throats or laryngitis, rigidity, communication problems, and prejudice
  • When Too Opened: Over-opinionated, hypercritical, arrogant
  • When Balanced: Communication improves
  • Care: Drink plenty of clean filtered water, be open with others and yourself, and stay hydrated. Bodies of water activate the throat chakra so visiting oceans and lakes will benefit this chakra. It’s important to keep this area clear so we can feel comfortable speaking our truth.

6. Third Eye Chakra: Psychic Presence

  • Location: Between the eyebrows, commonly known as the third eye
  • Color: Indigo - scented in Clarity essential oil blend. 
  • Representation: Awareness and intuition
  • When Blocked: Manifests in egotism and sinus problems
  • When Too Open: Manifests in impatient behavior and bullying
  • When Balanced: Supports focus and objectivity
  • Care: Follow guided meditations, practice visualization techniques, and listen to progressive or classical music.

7. Crown Chakra: Spiritual Godhood

  • Location: Right above the top of the head
  • Color: Violet / White - scented in Frankincense essential oil 
  • Representation: Connection to the world and the universe, and being open to spirituality
  • When Blocked: Manifests in psychological problems, condemnation, and alienation
  • When Too Open: Manifests in frustration and possibly even manic-depressive tendencies
  • When Balanced: Supports your spirituality in a healthy way
  • Care: Take good care of your body and other chakras to fully activate your crown chakra.

Each bath bomb contains the same base recipe. Please store in a dry, cool storage until ready to use. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Safe for children 6+.