Geode Bath Bomb

Geode Bath Bomb

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Just the same as a regular bath bomb, except this one has a higher salt and coconut oil content. They only add to making the skin feel soft and the water feel like floating on a warm cloud. Made to look like a geode rock, this bath bomb is inspired by nature's beauty.
With a champaka scent, this bath bomb is perfect for relaxation.

Just as a geode is a rock, and rocks don't float, these may not float! This is caused by the salt on top weighing it down.

For most effective color show and float, place geode in your hand and gentle lower the bomb into the water.

Do not Ingest, keep out of reach of children, for external use only. Mica may leave a ring around the tub waterline, but a quick rinse should eliminate the ring. This will not stain you or your tub.Each bath bomb contains the same base recipe. Please store in a dry, cool storage until ready to use. For external use only. Keep out of reach of children. Safe for children 2+.